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My new diary: Run Newbie Run (all in English)


Hey guuuuys! I’m taking the opportunity that you guys want to practice some reading, vocabulary and why not, a daily routine from a crazy girl living in the US and at the same time, teaching some English on the web – I decided to go a little deeper and share with you, my latest personal project: I WANT TO BE A RUNNER.


That’s right! For some of you, this might sound a little like… “what the hell, Erika?” Why is this such a big deal, come on?” I must tell and confess: IT IS A BIG DEAL TO ME. I’ve never practiced any sport or anything healthy for too long. I can’t even imagine how many times I started (and then stopped) going to the gym. The point is: I’m 33 right now and you know, metabolism is not the same as when I was 20! I’d never gain weight after 3 slices of pizza on a Friday night but now, if I only think of a tiny slice of pizza… voilá! 2 kilos are in kkkk #DramaQueen

Another point is: if I have to go upstairs or walk faster, I really feel exhausted. If someone tells me: RUN!!! Gzz I’d rather die! =/ I run for 5 seconds and I’m breathless. That’s a real shame and I definitely don’t want to be like that anymore.

And actually, my new project is not only about what’s on the scale! I do want to do something that my “future me” will be really thankful for. I want to add some more energy to my life (moooore? are you insane? You’re already too energetic! hahaha), I want to feel good about my body (women! ???) and I also want to be proud of myself for doing something great for me, for taking  care of me and also, for starting and keeping that straight!

Why running?

Because I have to do something that I will stick with, so this must be something that I like or admire. Well, option 2 is clearly the answer because as I told you before, I don’t run (and if you see me running, you should run as well because something is probably chasing me hahahha – just kidding).

Well, it will be a huge pleasure to share all my steps in this diary but I just want to make one thing clear: above all, I’m doing it for myself as a personal project, tracking every little and single piece of information in order to greater improve my performance. I want to look back and see how I started, why I started, where I started, what I did, where I went and everything else.

And this will be all in English. Why? For 3 reasons:

  • I also want to practice my English in every single way
  • I want you to practice your English
  • Because I felt like doing that way hahaha

Well every goal must have a finish line, otherwise you’ll never know if you reached what you wanted, right? My finish line is a real finish line – run 5k in 8 weeks. Yeah, I’m going from a couch potato to a real runner, in a real running event in just 8 weeks. No, I’m not being irresponsible, don’t worry! I’m counting on a fitness training plan that I downloaded from (check it out) and with the program and a few baby steps, I’ll be able to walk and run like a big girl 🙂

We all love gifts so I decided to invest a little in my health: I bought a couple days ago a heart rate monitor (FT7 – Polar). This little toy will help me monitor my target heart rate while exercising. If you wish, I can write a review about it and add some extra details and considerations.

RUN NEWBIE RUN? What’s that? IMG_0331

That’s like a nickname and also my username profile on Instagram where I’m posting and sharing some thoughts and activities through Insta Stories 🙂 Feel free to follow me either here or there (or not follow hahaha). But I really hope you guys enjoy it and have some fun as much as I’m having.

My first day? Yeah, it was today but I am just going to tell you guys on my next post hehehe

Leave your comments below or even share your thoughts, material or tips with me! I’ll really appreciate anything that could help me go one step ahead. 🙂 Xoxo


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